Fly through the Holidays
Armbalance Playground
(via zoom)
Sat., Dec 12, 1-3:30pm
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This fun, challenging arm balance workshop provides you with the technique and preparation to fly into, and through, arm-balances with greater mindfulness and ease.

Explore how the alignment principles of Anusara Yoga can help you overcome physical and mental barriers and enjoy these joyfully empowering poses.

What you'll get:
• targeted warm-up, specific to each pose
• more shoulder and arm strength and flexibility
• more core strength
• more self confidence & staying-power
• poses explored (ample variations and modifications provided!): crow/crane, sidecrow, dwi &eka pada koundinyasana ('armbalance-splits'), astavakrasana, and others
Saturday, December 12th
1pm - 3:30 pm 
Tuition: $35