One-on-One Sessions 

Special price $50

via skype or Zoom

Whether you are struggling with pain, stress, or you just want to master more advanced poses for the fun of it: Suzanne taylors sessions to fit your individual needs.

Enjoy practicing yoga in the calm  environment of a private or semi private class, complete with bolsters, blankets, straps and other great props.

Yoga at the Office

Clear your mental desktop and nip your work-induced postural pain at the bud, with a customized class at your workplace. Suzanne teaches group sessions at  your desk or in the conference room, whatever works for your group. Early morning, lunchtime, or end-of-workday options available. Inquire with Suzanne for employee and employer rates. 

Yoga Parties

Surprise your friends and loved ones with a semi-private Yoga party. Customized for community building, stress reduction, or just plain fun.

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