Yoga for Social Justice

community donation-based classes co-taught by experienced, kind, and fun-loving teachers. 100% proceeds go to local Bay Area organizations working on behalf of disenfranchised people.  

As my family protested along with thousands of people this spring, I still felt so powerless against the deadly systemic racism in the US (and worldwide). As I was complaining "I wish I were a lawyer: then I could REALLY help people," my 10 year old daughter Catherine (see picture below) called me out: "What? You think you can't help them with Yoga????"

The recent powerful outcry against racism in the US has also highlighted just how rarified and 'caste-like' the Yoga world is: white, cis-gender, heterosexual, upper middle class. This is partly because of the un-equal access to resources (health, housing, income, food, education) resulting from racial and other inequalities. ​

Yoga for Social Justice is my commitment to go from just 'talking' to 'start doing', as we go about the challenging task of creating a society where everyone gets to thrive from the ground up. The proceeds from these classes are donated to organizations that are making a real difference on a grass roots level. A key component of this project is fostering community among yoga teachers. I'm excited to be partnering with amazing, great-hearted teachers in our worldwide network. 

If you are interested in co-teaching one of our classes, or would like to recommend an organization to donate to, please contact me at

Yoga For Social Justice

Schedule Fall 2020

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Outdoor Vinyasa Playground with Jessica Waters and Suzanne Zuber -

In Person AND via Zoom

Saturday, November 10,

11:30-1pm (Pacific Time)

Cost: $5-$55

Register: venmo to suzanne-zuber

%100 of your contributions go to Feed the Hood benefiting our East Oakland Community

Join Jessica Waters and Suzanne for powerful and playful gratitude flow class, taught outdoors in central Berkeley, all proceeds to to Feed the Hood (Oakland). Zoom option available.

How to Register: click on the registration button below to get a ticket for this FREE CLASS on eventbrite! We will send you the exact location and zoom link. The donation info is on the eventbrite page. If you have questions: email me at

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Outdoor Vinyasa Playground with Jessica Waters and Suzanne Zuber

Missed this class?
You can still watch the video & Donate to venmo: suzanne-zuber
%100 proceeds go East Oakland Collective

Saturday, September 12 

12:00pm-1:30pm (Pacific Time)

Cost: $5-$55

Donate: venmo to suzanne-zuber

%100 of your contributions will benefit East Oakland Collective achieving tangible racial and economic equity for the underserved communities in deep East Oakland. 

About the class: We will celebrate the capacities of the human spirit, mind and body. Join us for a fortifying all levels vinyasa flow (1h) with Suzanne, combined with a 30 minute session of grounding cool-down and profound breathwork provided by Michelle Erbs.  

Michelle Erbs is based in Napa, Cali, and has been teaching for over a decade. "My practice and teaching style is a distillation of breath, alignment and flow. I believe that yoga makes you not only flexible but strong–simultaneously calm and energized."

Outdoor Vinyasa Playground with Jessica Waters and Suzanne Zuber

Saturday, August 29

9:30-11:00am (Pacific Time)

Donation: specify 'yoga for Okra Project': venmo: suzanne-zuber


Join Chrissy and Suzanne for a yang/yin style class - heat up with alignment based power flow (all levels!) and cool down with a soothing series of restorative poses.

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